Boundary Map

Boundary: To participate in Little League Baseball, each player must reside within our designated boundary and provide proof of residency. Proof of residency documents can include: school records, parent or guardian driver’s license, utility bill or other federal, state or local record.  For returning players, if residency has not changed and these documents are on file at HDLL, additional copies are not required. The boundary description is:

  • Starting at the Southwest corner, begin at the extension of NW 78th Street and Vancouver Lake traveling East along NW 78th to St Johns Road.
  • North along St. John Road to NE 88th Street (area west of St. Johns Road)
  • West along NE 88th Street to Highway 99 (area south of NE 88th to 78th Street)
  • North along Highway 99 to the middle of Salmon Creek Greenway (area to west of Highway 99)
  • West along the middle of Salmon Creek Greenway to
  • NE 36th Avenue (area south of greenway)
  • South along NW 36th Avenue to NW 119th Street (area to east of 36th Avenue)
  • West along NW 119th Street extending to Vancouver Lake (area to south)
  • South along Vancouver Lake to the extension of
  • NW 78th Street (area to east of the lake)


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