Welcome to 2013 HDLL Senior League baseball.

Our Seniors played some exciting baseball last year, culminating in a repeat trip to the State Championships. 2 games and out left a bad taste in our mouth so we are anxious to return this year and put an HDLL stamp on the event.

Last year we fielded two Senior squads (Blue and Grey). They played some great baseball last year between themselves and as part of an interleague schedule with other leagues in our District. The players really enjoy playing multiple venues around the county. We will participate in interleague play again this year.

As with last year, we will kick off the Senior program with all-player practices run by the Seniors managers and coaches. These practices are typically held Sunday afternoons. We gather at HDLL batting cages to work on pitching and batting. As last year’s coaches and managers have moved up, we are currently looking for replacements. When those positions are filled, the first order of business will be to begin the cage practices. Stay tuned…

As the managers and coaches get to see the players first-hand in action, we waive try-outs. The joint practices lead up to Senior Draft Night, typically held third week of March. Practices start right after the draft as managers and coaches collect their players, equipment, and practice times. (Practices are held on the Big Field at HDLL). Games kick off typically first week of May.

It will be an exciting year for HDLL Seniors baseball. HDLL is committed to providing a great experience for all. This year we will have assigned umpires for each game.

So, register and let’s play ball….

Chris D,
HDLL Juniors/ Seniors/ Big League Commissioner

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