Online Registration:

We are now open for online registration.

Rule Change Regarding Boundary

Little League has instituted a new policy in regards to boundaries. If your player’s school resides within the HDLL boundary (see map below) then they may play with HDLL. The player no longer has to live within the boundary. This is especially good for players who want to play with their friends at school.

For Returning Players

You have two options for registration this year, online and in-person registration. Online registration is available using a link posted to the right of this page and is available 24×7. You also may attend any of our open registration dates below. If you have moved, please make sure you are still within the league boundary (see the boundary map below).

For New Players

If your child has not played in Hazel Dell Little League before, you may register online but you will still need to visit us at one of the in-person registration dates below and will need to provide the following in order for him/her to participate:

  • A copy if his/her birth certificate
  • Proof of Residency within the league boundary (see the boundary map below). Residency documents can include schools records, parent or guardian driver’s license, utility bills, or other federal, state, or local records.

In-Person Registration Dates:

Jan. 10 & 17 , Saturday, 9 am-11 am – Baseball and TBall – HB Fuller at the Clubhouse

Jan. 8 & 15, Thursday, 6:00 pm-8 pm – Baseball and TBall – HB Fuller at the Clubhousee


Spring Baseball: $120 for first player, $195 for two siblings, and $80 for each additional sibling after that. T-Ball (ages 4-6) rates are $90 for the first player, $150 for two siblings in T-Ball and $60 for each additional sibling in T-Ball.

Late Fee: There is a $20 late fee for all baseball (T-Ball excluded) registrations received after Jan. 31.

Refund Policy: All requests for refund of registration fees MUST be given to the Player Agent by March 31 following registration. There is a $10 non-refundable processing fee. Allow 4 weeks to receive refund. There will be a $25 charge for all returned checks made payable to Hazel Dell Little League.


Hazel Dell Little League has 8 divisions. They are designed to give players appropriate training, field sizes, and safety for their development in the sport of baseball. What division a player belongs in is based on their age.  Little League determines a player’s age based on how old they are on April 30th of that baseball season.

  • T-Ball: For ages 4-6, this division offers children their first introduction to the game of baseball.
  • Pac Coast: The Pac Coast division at Hazel Dell Little League is divided into two subdivisions, Pac 7 and Pac 8, which are for players ages 7 and 8, respectively. The biggest difference is that in Pac 7 the coach pitches a ball to the players. In Pac 8, players pitch first, followed by coaches once the pitch count reaches four balls.
  • American League: The American League at HDLL is for players ages 9 and 10. This league gives players their first experience playing within the rules of normal baseball. It is entirely player pitched. Yet the focus is still on learning the rules and positions of the game.
  • National League: The National League at HDLL is for players ages 11 and 12. Although the field is smaller than a regulation baseball field, this is a very competitive and exciting division. The Little League World Series focuses on 12-year-olds.
  • 50/70: This is a new division primarily for 13-year-olds. Also known as the Intermediate division, 50/70 was formed by the Little League organization to bridge the gap between the smaller field of the National League to the “big field” that is played on by the Juniors and above. Its name comes from the infield dimensions, which are 50 feet from the pitcher’s mound to home plate and 70 feet between bases. American League and National League play on a 46/60 field and the “big field” is 60/90.
  • Juniors: This division is primarily for 14-year-olds and is played on the “big field.” It is an interleague program, meaning the teams play other area Little League teams of the same age group.
  • Seniors: This division is primarily for 15- and 16-year-old players and is played on the “big field.” It is an interleague program, meaning the teams play other area Little League teams of the same age group.
  • Big League: This division is primarily for 17- and 18-year-old players and is played on the “big field.” It is an interleague program, meaning the teams play other area Little League teams of the same age group.


Contact the Player Agent at

 Boundary Map:

View Hazel Dell Little League in a larger map


Hazel Dell Little League Boundary Description

Starting at the Southwest corner, begin at the extension of NW 78th Street and Vancouver Lake traveling East along NW 78th to St Johns Road.
North along St. John Road to NE 88th Street (area west of St. Johns Road)
West along NE 88th Street to Highway 99 (area south of NE 88th to 78th Street)
North along Highway 99 to the middle of Salmon Creek Greenway (area to west of Highway 99)
West along the middle of Salmon Creek Greenway to NE 36th Avenue (area south of greenway)
South along NW 36th Avenue to NW 119th Street (area to east of 36th Avenue)
West along NW 119th Street extending to Vancouver Lake (area to south)
South along Vancouver Lake to the extension of NW 78th Street (area to east of the lake)

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